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Poetry, Film Analysis, Art Essays, Philosophical Rants, and maybe a History Lesson every now and then. Stay tuned for my thoughts(or ramblings) about our world.
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The glass was neither half-empty nor half-full,

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There was a boy

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Sitting alone, the static washes by,

Carcinogens, Death Sticks, Coffin Nails

What Makes Modern Art So Special?

Growing up in a small Texas town in the great plains, it was not uncommon to hear disparaging remarks towards art and artists. Non-blue-collar jobs, with the exception of doctors, lawyers, and teachers, are treated with a sort of distanced disgust; as if art was a used tissue they were reluctant to throw into the garbage. And no art has more of a negative connotation in this area than the dreaded Modern Art.

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Whether listening to the pop chart hits on the way home, collecting the most obscure records possible, or learning an instrument and composing, music effects everyone in a big way; music has no entry age, no prerequisite requirements, and no need for an understanding of theory to enjoy. It cannot be touched, but it touches so many people. In many ways, music is the glue that holds the world together; a unit of culture, a language, and a beautiful art everybody enjoys.

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